Ecoflo Biofilter

Ecoflo © is the most recommended, proven and highest performing compact filter on the market. Since its launch on the market, nearly 15 years ago, Ecoflo © has accomplished incomparable performance, outstanding reliability and unparalleled stability.

Ecoflo Biofilter

In addition to being chosen by more than 35,000 families, Ecoflo © has received Canadian, American and European certifications. A septic installation is composed of a septic tank, an Ecoflo © Biofilter and an absoption bed. An independent study has shown that an Ecoflo © septic installation, combined with native soil, ensures a reduction of nutrients and pathogens in groundwater and surface water, thus meeting tertiary discharge criteria. Wastewater from the septic tank equipped with an effluent filter is directed to the Ecoflo © Biofilter where it is evenly distributed over the entire surface of the natural filtering media using a unique device without electromechanical parts.

A Simple Concept

When compared with conventional septic systems, which treat wastewater through soil absorption, the Ecoflo Biofilter uses a high-performance filtering medium that retains its purifying capacities over time. Far less space is required, therefore enabling optimum use of your property. The Ecoflo Biofilter is also a permanent solution. Unlike conventional septic systems, which have to be relocated and completely rebuilt after a certain number of years, with Ecoflo Biofilter, only the peat-based filter bed has to be replaced. All this requires is removing the lid on the fibreglass shell and pumping the filter bed, thus eliminating the need for excavation.

Multiple Applications

The Ecoflo Biofilter ST-650 is designed for single dwellings with one to four bedrooms. Five and six bedroom homes require two Biofilters. For collective systems (housing developments), commercial (restaurants, apartment buildings, hotels, campgrounds, etc.) and institutional (schools, retirement homes, museums, etc.) applications, cluster installations are possible

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Client Testimonials

"I would be happy to recommend Canadian Shield Consultants Agency and I would hire them again if the need arose."

Madeleine Nadon - Homeowner -

"In my opinion, the true test of a good business is whether or not you would use their services again. In the case of Canadian Shield Consultants Agency, Gerry and his crew, the answer is we still are using their services and we consider them our "Go To" guys!"

Wayne Johnson - Manager - YMCA-YWCA of Winnipeg

"Throughout the entire month long project CSCA did not veer from the original goal and made MRWs time in St. Charles a positive experience."

John Sikorski - Engineering Technologist - M.R. Wright and Associates Co. Ltd.

"We are very thankful for all that Gerry and his company have done for us up to now...their expertise and assistance has facilitated the process of purchasing a good quality septic system that meets the Ministry of Environment's standards."

Ms. Réjeanne de Bois - Owner - Minakwa Lodge and Trailer Park

"We were very impressed with your heavy duty machinery, and realized we were not dealing with a start-up company. All workmen on the site knew their jobs and performed all labour with such care and skill. I must add a personal comment that the workers were very amicable, answered all our questions and did not mind the interruptions when we asked for clarification as to what they were doing"

Jean McConnell - Former Manager of Recreational Arenas and Swimming Pools - City of Greater Sudbury