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Canadian Shield Consultants Agency and Premier Tech Aqua WWT Technologies

Canadian Shield Consultants Agency (CSCA) provides turnkey services doe all environmental projects. From initial site environmental assessments, impact and feasibility studies, design to final regulatory approval. CSCA can streamline your project by providing regulatory compliant designs matching the best Premier Tech Aqua technology to your project needs.

Premier Tech Aqua (PTA) – a Business Unit of global leader Premier Tech for over 20 years – is an industry leader in onsite and decentralized water and wastewater treatment solutions and specialist in the design and manufacturing of innovative and durable products for the residential, commercial, municipal and industrial sectors.

Offered as ready-to-use, mobile or built on site, PTA’s proven solutions are available in North America, Europe and Asia. With over 100,000 systems installed worldwide, including 1,300 larger flow MBR, MBBR and SBR projects, each coupled with a rigorous inspection, maintenance and documented follow-up program performed by its vast network of local service partners, PTA is undoubtedly one of the top leaders of the industry. Its team of process and application engineers cover all aspects of the biological process – from design and engineering, to implementation, maintenance and technical support.

The success of the CSCA and PTA partnership relies on a combination of in-house expertise, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and a vast international network of key and trusted partners.

Together, they ensure that your project is delivered on time, on budget and according to your schedule.

  • Air and watertight
  • Lightweight, robust construction
  • Easy handling and transportation
  • Strongest tank on the market, 40% above CSA requirements
  • Guaranteed leak proof, each tank is individualy tested at productin site
  • Cast to allow easy installation of an EFT-080 Effluent Filter
Working Capacity
800 GAL (3600L)
950 GAL (4300L)
Total Capacity
950 GAL (4200L)
1100 GAL (5000L)
Liquid Level (Outlet)
38 1/2 (978mm)
51 1/2 (1310mm)
Inlet Height
41 3/4
55 3/4 (1415mm)
140 1/4" (3560mm)
124 1/4" (3160mm)
49 1/4" (1250mm)
49 1/4" (1250mm)
52 3/4" (1330mm)
66 1/8" (1730mm)

Synder Septic Tanks

For many years, rotational molding has proven to be the ideal method of producing a seamless one-piece tank that minimizes the risk of leaking. In addition, polyethylene, because of its excellent corrosion resistance and chemical compatibility is the ideal material for on-site applications. And when properly molded, polyethylene can readily endure the stresses imposed by installation and burial loads.
At Snyder, we were not content to just develop a line of polyethylene tanks for the on-site/water markets. We developed designs to further enhance the leak proof properties of the tank(s) and improve the structure to minimize deformation of the tank(s) and maximize tank life.

The result is the best performing tanks available in the marketplace. That is why Snyder is the growing choice for on-site, water and rainwater harvesting applications.

For more than 50 years Snyder has been a leader in building plastic tanks that are lighter, stronger and more cost effective than other materials. In developing our water tank line, Snyder engineers studied the demands of each application and used computer enhanced design to strategically shape and strengthen tank walls to withstand stress.

Snyder can meet your water tank needs from five rotational molding plants. This enables faster delivery and keeps freight costs low. Most popular sizes are stocked at all locations.

From raw material analysis to stringent final inspection, the quality of Snyder’s Water Storage tanks is monitored every step of the way.


Client Testimonials

"I would be happy to recommend Canadian Shield Consultants Agency and I would hire them again if the need arose."

Madeleine Nadon - Homeowner -

"In my opinion, the true test of a good business is whether or not you would use their services again. In the case of Canadian Shield Consultants Agency, Gerry and his crew, the answer is we still are using their services and we consider them our "Go To" guys!"

Wayne Johnson - Manager - YMCA-YWCA of Winnipeg

"Throughout the entire month long project CSCA did not veer from the original goal and made MRWs time in St. Charles a positive experience."

John Sikorski - Engineering Technologist - M.R. Wright and Associates Co. Ltd.

"We are very thankful for all that Gerry and his company have done for us up to now...their expertise and assistance has facilitated the process of purchasing a good quality septic system that meets the Ministry of Environment's standards."

Ms. Réjeanne de Bois - Owner - Minakwa Lodge and Trailer Park

"We were very impressed with your heavy duty machinery, and realized we were not dealing with a start-up company. All workmen on the site knew their jobs and performed all labour with such care and skill. I must add a personal comment that the workers were very amicable, answered all our questions and did not mind the interruptions when we asked for clarification as to what they were doing"

Jean McConnell - Former Manager of Recreational Arenas and Swimming Pools - City of Greater Sudbury