EZflow by Infiltrator

They are easily joined together with an internal coupling to exactly fit installation specifications. They may be used in conjunction with additional 10-foot lengths of EPS aggregate without the pipe when additional absorption is needed. The patented EZflow geo-synthetic aggregate is produced from recycled polystyrene and is engineered for optimum performance with consistent form. The overall design provides 35 percent more surface area and void volume than crushed stone. Its greater surface area also helps prevent premature clogging by dirt.


Light weight and easy to use, EZflow drainage systems require none of the gravel normally used in applications such as:

  • Foundation drains
  • French drain
  • Interceptor drains
  • Landscaping drains
  • Roof run-off drains
  • Septic systems
  • Golf courses
  • Sports complexes

Saves Time and Money

Pre-assembled 10-foot lengths of EPS aggregate and pipe eliminate the need for special arrangements such as dump trucks to haul stone and the separate handling of stone and pipe.

The lightness of the EPS aggregate saves on transport cost and on labour costs, especially in steep terrain where wheelbarrows and/or shovels would be required to transport gravel on site.

Built to Perform

The combination of plastic pipe and EPS results in lightness and flexibility which offers several advantages.

During installation, soils with clay cannot be tightly compacted at the soil/aggregate interface, thus the likelihood of failure due to low permeability is minimized.

Light weight results in less force on the interface after installation, even when the aggregate is very deep.

EZflow Drains are virtually indestructible by either the live or dead loading. In very deep trenches or under high fills, the relative compressibility of the assembly as compared to the adjacent soil causes nearly all loading to be borne by the soil.

Flexibility allows for installation along contours or around corners. The uniform size of EZflow Drain assemblies prevents an uneven trench bottom or lack of required aggregate depth from being hidden during inspection.

Environmentally Friendly

All materials used in this assembly are inert in the expected environment. Nondegradable unit materials possess comprehensive strength that withstands soil pressure.

Finally, EZflow Drains make use of EPS which would otherwise be waste material, saving valuable landfill space. Using EPS also conserves stone. One hundred pounds of EPS aggregate replaces eight tons of gravel!



The tough bead was engineered to withstand the weight of a backhoe when covered with the minimum of 6″ – 10″ of backfill.


When buried in the ground the geo-synthetic aggregate will not breakdown. Exposure to the typical elements of groundwater or household chemicals will have no impact on the beads. The expanded polystyrene is a highly stable compound. The expected life span is indefinite. It is predicted that the product will last well over 100 years.


The geo-synthetic material does not leach and it contains no harmful materials that could be released into the ground water. All materials used in the assembly are inert in the expected environment. These materials are effective in demanding environments, and they will not contaminate the ground water.


The tight pack of the aggregate around the pipe allows for the bending of the unit without crimping the pipe. It can easily bend around the corner of a house in a foundation drain without the need for additional connectors or hardware.


EPS which would otherwise be waste material, is used, saving valuable landfill space.


There is no nutritional value in polystyrene and thus it attracts no termites, ants, or rodents.


Polystyrene is an inert, large molecular weight compound that does not breakdown in aqueous solutions. Polystyrene does not act as an absorbent like activated carbon, nor is polystyrene very permeable to liquids. The chemical resistance of polystyrene is well known. It is not attacked or degraded by long exposure to either bleach, soap solutions, or common household products that are poured down the drain. Polystyrene is virtually resistant to all aqueous media including dilute acids and bases.


Polystyrene has the ability to tolerate temperature ranges. It has a continuous use temperature ranges from -108 to +175 degrees Fahrenheit. It is not brittle at subzero temperature. Over time it may soften in boiling water (212 degrees Fahrenheit). Products made of polystyrene will not be affected by the harshest of temperature climates or change.


Client Testimonials

"I would be happy to recommend Canadian Shield Consultants Agency and I would hire them again if the need arose."

Madeleine Nadon - Homeowner -

"In my opinion, the true test of a good business is whether or not you would use their services again. In the case of Canadian Shield Consultants Agency, Gerry and his crew, the answer is we still are using their services and we consider them our "Go To" guys!"

Wayne Johnson - Manager - YMCA-YWCA of Winnipeg

"Throughout the entire month long project CSCA did not veer from the original goal and made MRWs time in St. Charles a positive experience."

John Sikorski - Engineering Technologist - M.R. Wright and Associates Co. Ltd.

"We are very thankful for all that Gerry and his company have done for us up to now...their expertise and assistance has facilitated the process of purchasing a good quality septic system that meets the Ministry of Environment's standards."

Ms. Réjeanne de Bois - Owner - Minakwa Lodge and Trailer Park

"We were very impressed with your heavy duty machinery, and realized we were not dealing with a start-up company. All workmen on the site knew their jobs and performed all labour with such care and skill. I must add a personal comment that the workers were very amicable, answered all our questions and did not mind the interruptions when we asked for clarification as to what they were doing"

Jean McConnell - Former Manager of Recreational Arenas and Swimming Pools - City of Greater Sudbury